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Render London Interior
Render London Interior
Render London Interior
Render London Interior
Render London Interior
Render London Interior
Render London Interior
Render London Interior
Render London Interior
Render London Interior

Creative Services

Highly professional solutions focused on innovation and the pursuit of excellence

Rendering and 3D Animations

Making of high-quality images capable of closely resembling the reality thanks to a team of professionals of long experience.

Organic 3D Modeling

Advanced modeling techniques enable the realization of complicated 3d models of sofas or uphol-stered beds, textiles, and organic shapes with

Virtual Reality

Avantgarde marketing grants users a captivating real-life experience through the use of touch screens and 3d goggles.

3D Scan

It is possible to digitalize real-life objects thanks to the innovative 3D techniques of models through the use of the photogrammetry.

Styling and Art Direction

Attention to the styling and image design for commercial campaigns, catalogues, web sites and communication projects.

Consultancy and Training

Services of consultancy and training for individuals, groups and companies supported by the professional expertise of university professors.

"Passion, research and study are the basis of our philosophy"

We are a creative team with backgrounds and expertise in different sectors working under the creative direction by Alessandro Consonni. We deal with virtual communication projects in various fields: interior design, product design, architecture and installations art, with a special focus on the world of design and furniture.

Our work unites technology and creativity, apparently two opposing worlds, which find a cohesion in our expressive capacity able to give new possibilities in balance between reality and virtuality.Thanks to technical mastery and a creative approach we are able to exploit technology not as a limit, but as a constantly evolving tool to support a knowledge that feeds on passion for photography, art, graphics, technology and innovation.

We love being inspired by the world around us and we translate our passion into tailor-made projects for each of our clients who become an active part of the creative process.


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Dining table

Salt grinder


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